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The patented OutFox® Field Guard is designed to help protect dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses from barbed grass seed penetration.* The Field Guard is also used to help prevent scavenging and to help protect from insects.


IMPORTANT:  The Field Guard is not a muzzle and should never be used to prevent biting.

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While the OutFox Field Guard effectively helps to protect against foxtail penetration to a dog’s face, it is not 100% failproof. Because the product is made of a mesh, a material with a large number of closely spaced holes, there is always a possibility for foxtail seeds to penetrate the mesh.

The Field Guard is designed to catch foxtails before they enter a dog’s nose or ears. So it is important to check the Field Guard regularly to remove any foxtails it catches and to check for puncture holes that compromise the integrity of the mesh.

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