OutFox Uses Safe Materials Only

At OutFox, we make our products with an environmentally and health-conscious material for the safety of your dog. The mesh used for our Field Guards complies with California Proposition 65 and the FDA and children’s toy standards: they are free from harmful phthalates, lead, and other banned heavy metals, which means that the Field Guard is safe for dogs to breathe through and if chewed on. Additionally, our mesh is tested to be bacteria- and fungus-resistant. Mold and fungus will not become a part of the Field Guard, though they can be easily washed off with mild soap and water if they do grow on the surface. We are committed to superior quality and the well-being of our canine companions and the environment.

The Quick-Release Straps

The straps on the OutFox Field Guard are designed for quick release for your dog’s safety. The straps should be tethered loosely to the dog’s collar so that, with a quick tug, the Field Guard can be removed from the dog’s head and the straps undone all in one motion. See the last five seconds of this video for a demonstration.

In the event that the Field Guard gets caught on something, the quick-release straps allow the dog to pull out and separate from the Field Guard on its own. Therefore, it is very important not to excessively secure the product on the dog so this safety feature will not be overridden. Please see the OutFox Safety Statement below.

Prevent Overheating

The OutFox Field Guard is intentionally made with black mesh because the black color reduces glare and acts as a sun shade. However, always be aware of the possibility of dogs overheating with or without the Field Guard on. When your dog plays in hot weather under the sun, be sure to keep him well hydrated and cool. Remove the Field Guard periodically to check for signs of heat exhaustion.

OutFox Safety Statement

The OutFox Field Guard is carefully made with your dog’s safety in mind, but the use of a collar or similar device around the neck always poses a safety risk. To avoid dangers such as strangulation, please use the product normally and only as intended. Fitting and donning guidelines are meant to keep your dog not only comfortable but safe: alterations or excessive efforts to secure the Field Guard around the neck can be hazardous. Please use responsibly and under supervision.