If you have been on our purchase page as of late, then you may have noticed a change to the number of sizes available. We are excited to announce that we recently made modifications to the Field Guard resulting in the elimination of 'O' sizes. Specifically, the modifications created new pattern sizes that are hybrids of the former Regular and “O” sizes. These minor, but important, adjustments mean that sizing is now based ONLY on head length and that the width should fit all types of head shapes. We know that there will be a number of questions as we transition into the new sizes, so we've attempted to answer the more common questions below.

I've always ordered an 'O' size. Will the new sizes fit on my dog? 

  • If you previously ordered an 'O' size for your furry friend, rest assured that the new size equivalents, with the proper adjustments, should provide the same fit and function as the previous 'O' sizes.

Are there any other differences between the 'O' sizes and the new sizes? 

  • The length of sizes have remained but adjustments have been made to the width of each size. In simple terms, the new sizes are in-between the rounder/wider 'O' sizes and the previous 'standard' sizes. All new sizes, however, will have the same features of comfort, breathability, and protection as before. 

Which size should I order now?

Why are MO sizes still available on your order page?

  • While we have completely sold out of our inventory for our other 'O' sizes, we still have a handful of MO sizes available. If you previously ordered an MO and would still like to order an MO, then you may do so until such time as our stock runs out. 

What if I purchased an 'O' size and need to return it under your guarantee? 

  • If your purchased 'O' product is covered under our Guarantee and Return Policy and is eligible for an exchange, then we will provide an equivalent sizing to replace your purchased Field Guard.