Will the OutFox® Field Guard irritate my dog’s face and head?

Every part of the Field Guard was designed with the dog’s comfort and safety in mind. All seam edges are intentionally on the outside of the Field Guard so they will not scratch or irritate the dog in any way. The Field Guard is designed so that it rests lightly on top of the dog’s head and leaves ample air space all around it. Dogs typically become so comfortable wearing the Field Guard they forget they have it on, even when drinking from a bowl of water.

Can my dog drink while wearing the Field Guard?

Yes. The dog will naturally put his mouth down into a bowl of water and the water quickly seeps through the mesh.

Does the OutFox® Field Guard come in other colors?

No. It was designed in black because it is the easiest color for dogs to see through.

Can my dog pant and stay cool while wearing the Field Guard?

Yes. The Field Guard is large enough to allow dogs to pant, bark and do everything else they normally do. Since it’s constructed of fine mesh & designed with plenty of space around the head, air can easily circulate. Another design benefit is that the black mesh acts as a sun shade. However; one should always be aware of the possibility of overheating and take precautions to prevent this (with or without the Field Guard). See the Safety Information page for more details.

Can my dog carry stitcks or balls while wearing the Field Guard?

Yes! If they want to pick up something, they figure out how to do it pretty quickly. (Please note that picking up balls, sticks, and other items will wear the Field Guard out sooner).

How should I put the Field Guard on my dog for the first time so he’s not afraid of it?

Put a treat into the Field Guard before putting it on your dog for the first time. He will be encouraged to put his head into the Field Guard, thereby creating a positive association with it. Once your dog is off-leash in the field, or playing while wearing his Field Guard, he won’t notice it. He will soon associate the Field Guard with running and playing and will be excited to put it on. See our Comfort & Use page or download the OutFox Comfort Guide for more detailed information.


Will my dog's ears be bothered by the Field Guard if he has pointed ears?

Generally, no. Most dogs ears naturally fold down under the Field Guard. Since it’s very light weight, it does not cause most dogs’ ears discomfort. (Dogs whose ears have been cropped could have more trouble folding their ears down).

What are some other uses for the Field Guard?

The Field Guard can be an effective tool to help prevent your dog from ingesting items such as: rocks, trailside trash, poisonous mushrooms, etc. It can also help minimize damage from compulsive licking & chewing behaviors. We had one customer who used it instead of the “cone” after her dog’s surgery. Customers also use the Field Guard against bees, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. It can also be used as a sunshade for dogs with sensitive eyes or skin conditions as the Field Guard blocks approximately 60% of UVA and UVB rays.

Can the OutFox® Field Guard be used to keep my dog from biting other dogs or people?

Absolutely not! The Field Guard is not intended to be used as a muzzle and should not be used as one.

How safe is the Field Guard for my dog?

The Field Guard is made of a mesh material that is safe for dogs to breathe through and also if chewed on. The Field Guard is not known to cause animals any harm when used normally and as intended, but caution should always be exercised when using any device around the neck. See the Safety Information page for more details.

What's the odor coming from my new Field Guard?

It’s a softening agent used in the production of our mesh to keep it supple. This softening agent is FDA approved and also approved for use in the manufacturing of children’s toys. Hang the Field Guard in the sun to eliminate the odor.

Why does my dog keep trying to pull the Field Guard off his head and what can I do about it?

When properly sized and positioned, the Field Guard should rest comfortably on your dog’s head and not bother him. If you find that your dog resists wearing the Field Guard, it is most likely due to discomfort caused by having the wrong size, improper positioning, and/or excessive tightness of the elastic opening. Download the OutFox Comfort Guide for a detailed discussion on how to ensure the highest level of comfort for your dog when wearing the Field Guard.

Why do the velcro straps come undone?

The straps on the OutFox Field Guard are designed for quick release for your dog’s safety. In the event that the Field Guard gets caught on something, the quick-release straps allow your dog to pull out and separate from the Field Guard on its own. See more information on our Safety Information page

Do you repair Field Guards?

If the elastic cord or straps break on the Field Guard for any reason, we will repair these parts for you at no charge, whether you bought it directly from OutFox or any other retailer. We want to keep usable Field Guards out of the landfills! At this time, we cannot repair the mesh because it may compromise the integrity of the Field Guard.

What is the OutFox® return policy?

Click the HERE to see our full return policy, but basically for returns not due to manufacturing defects, OutFox LLC will gladly accept a return or make an exchange within 30 days of purchase if the product is in new, unused, and resalable condition. Veterinarians have recommended that we don’t accept the return of a Field Guard used outside, in order to prevent transmission of viruses like Parvo. (Although a dog is vaccinated for it, Parvo can survive in adverse climate conditions outdoors for up to a year.)