"I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your product. I have a German short haired pointer who is very shy and sensitive. After having foxtails removed from his ears for 5 days in a row, I knew I needed to do something. I was very concerned that the Field Guard would be something he wouldn’t tolerate and was so happy when on the second day of wearing it he acted completely normally! We have returned to our daily hikes and been foxtail free ever since! I’ve now ordered a second one for his brother. Thanks again for creating such an awesome product!"

- Sharon, Eddie and Lucas, Murrieta, CA

"Outside, Rizzo eats everything that’s not nailed down: acorns, sticks, pine cones, tree bark, flowers, you name it. I saw him with a rock in his mouth one day and truly panicked. I didn’t want to resort to a muzzle so I found the OutFox® Field Guard and ordered one.

The first time he wore it, Rizzo just sat and stared. He looked as though his life was over. He loves to be outside in the enclosed yard. But next thing I knew, Rizzo was romping around and sniffing and playing just like always. One week in, he doesn’t seem to mind at all that he’s wearing something over his face. To the contrary: Now when it’s time to go outside, Rizzo stops at the door and lifts his head, waiting for me to put his mask on. Maybe it’s the treats I slip inside first! Hahahaha."

- Jennifer, Columbia, South Carolina

"It’s even better than I’d hoped because the dog doesn’t mind it at all. We walk in tall foxtail-laden grasses all the time during the summer and fall. The OutFox Field Guard has removed my anxiety. It’s very lightweight, gives my dog’s eyes some protection from the bright sun, plus he can and does easily drink water right through the mask. He behaves like it isn’t even there. Love love love it."

- Liz, Richmond, CA

"Your product was so easy to get used to! I popped a treat in it, Rosy stuck her head in it, and then we went out for a short walk. She never tried to take it off. Next day she was sniffing on bushes and trees and greeting her dog pals as usual!!! Superb!!! I am spreading the word. I am so very grateful!"

- Laurie, Mountain View, CA


"OutFox Field Guard is purely wonderful, both the product and the company.

My Chihuahua eats EVERYTHING, including mouse poison at the neighbors’ recently. She now wears her new OutFox Guard on every walk. It keeps her from eating ANYTHING. I hesitated for a moment at the price – until I compared It to her vet bills!

Both dogs stick their heads right into their masks, then dash off with tails flying. I don’t worry anymore about what they’re getting into, because they CAN’T. The mask mesh is sturdy but flexible, stands away from their faces, and seems like it will last for years. I LOVE OUTFOX!!"
- Nancy, Coulterville, CA

I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are that the Outfox exists!

Our Boston Terrier, Maisie, has severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease so she has to be on a hypoallergenic diet and gets really sick if she eats something else. She also compulsively eats grass, sticks and pebbles. It got so frustrating to watch her like a hawk every second.

It’s not an exaggeration to say your invention has changed our life! We can finally take Maisie along when we go to see friends and let her run around outside like a regular dog and we happily walk 3 miles with her every night.

Maisie seems very comfortable and doesn’t seem to mind it at all. She knows Outfox means fun times. We do get curious stares and questions from a lot of strangers but the improvement in Maisie’s quality of life is worth it.
We will be forever grateful!"
- Nathalie & Eddie, Alabama

"Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! After seven times to the vet, we finally have a product that works. We have tried several different styles of muzzles and none of them worked. We live in Calgary, Alberta and the foxtails are everywhere. We will now be able to take them back outside for their walks and runs. Again, THANK YOU!!!!"

- Todd, Alberta, Canada

"Words cannot fully convey our gratitude to OutFox. The Field Guard allows us to safely walk our dog without having to worry about her dangerous habit of eating inedible objects. After looking into various solutions, including several different muzzles, we were never able to find anything that would fit her tiny head (she weighs 2.5 lbs). Then we came across the Field Guard by OutFox. We were so relieved that the company was able to help us find the right (XXXXS) cover that would fit our precious Pinot! Now we are able to walk her without worrying about it leading to another trip to the ER. We will forever be indebted to the OutFox team. Throughout our interactions with the owner, Diane, we were overwhelmed by the compassion, patience, and friendliness we were shown. Unbelievable Product, Amazing Company!"

- Tami, Oregon

"I bought one of your products recently and can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. I was a bit skeptical about it when I first saw it, but after it was on my sweet little Annie, I am SOLD.
Great invention. In our case, it is not being used for foxtails but rather as a deterrent for my Annie to stop swallowing acorns from our backyard. She ate one and it caused a blockage that cost us $2500 in vet bills and surgery to remove it. The Field Guard literally will SAVE HER LIFE. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

- Valerie, Oregon

"I wanted to share my positive experience with the OutFox Guard. My puppy Ripley is 9 months old and LOVES to taste absolutely everything. While I continue to work with her on modifying this behavior, it had gotten to the point where taking her for our daily 2-mile walk was just too stressful..for both of us. There is a ton of goose poop, berries, mulch, leaves, grass, mushrooms, twigs and other potentially harmful options along our path and, rather than enjoying our walk together, I was in a constant state of alert watching the ground ahead of her to try to prevent her from eating everything.

Through my research, I found this wonderful product of yours! She accepted it quite easily and it has now become part of our daily routine. She does get quite a few odd looks and several ask about it, and I’m more than happy to explain its purpose. Neither Ripley nor I care what others think, as our walks are now immensely enjoyable and I know she’s 100% safe and not stressed at all. Thank you!!"

- Stacey, Fishers, IN


"I can’t be more grateful to have this amazing product. We spent thousands last year at the vet on one of our dogs getting foxtails in his nose/ears over and over again. He was restricted to paved areas and was so miserable and I didn’t know what to do. It literally gave me panic attacks just taking him outside and if he sneezed a tiny bit. It fits perfect and both dogs had no problems the first day having it on. We are the talk of the trail and we get stopped constantly and get asked what that thing on their head is. lol But everyone wants one because our dogs are such good models, they stop and let everyone see. I encourage them all to try it because I don’t know what I'd do without the Outfox! Its more than paid for itself, with all the use my dog gets out of it!"

- Savannah, Modesto, CA

"Thank you for giving us our walks back!! My pup, a one-year-old whippet mix, LOVES to run through the grasses in the local foothills. But recently we had a few close calls with foxtails, so we had to keep her leashed and on paved streets. Then I bought the OutFox Field Guard, and Coco took to it immediately. She was soon racing at 90 miles an hour through the tall grasses and couldn’t have been happier—and I was able to relax knowing she was safe. Great invention!"

- Jan, Benicia, CA