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"The OutFox Field Guard has removed my anxiety."

— Liz, Richmond, CA


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— Laurie, Mountain View, CA

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"Amazing Company."

— Tami, Oregon

Approved by Vets

The OutFox Field Guard is recommended by vets to protect against foxtails and as solution for scavenging dogs.

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Patented Design

Provide Protection

Helps to protect dogs' eyes, ears, nose and mouth from barbed grass seed penetration**. Also used to prevent scavenging and keep pesky insects away from your dog's face.

Comfortable & Functional

The lightweight mesh catches foxtails while providing a breathable material that does not obstruct vision and offers protection against harmful UV rays.

"Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! After seven times to the vet, we finally have a product that works.

— Todd, Alberta, Canada


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