Measure your dog's head length for exact sizing.

PUPPY size is based on current head length. Do not size up for puppies to grow into their Field Guard. It will be much too big, like putting a man's sweater on a 6 year old.

Watch this helpful YouTube Video and use the instructions below on how to properly measure your dog's head for the OutFox FieldGuard.

To Measure the Head Length:

Using a string to measure the dog's head
1. Use a piece of string, then measure against a ruler. The dog isn’t as likely to move his head under a thin string compared to a tape measure.
Ensuring the dog looks straight ahead during measurement
2. Dog should be looking straight ahead.
Measuring from the base of the skull to the end of the nose
3. Measure from the base of the skull, to the end of the nose.
Correct way to measure straight from base of skull to end of nose, not following the contour
4. Do not follow contour of snout. Pink line is correct way to measure, dashed line is incorrect way.