To Our Amazing OutFox Community,

First, thank you so much for all of your support over the years. After great deliberation, we have decided to raise our prices beginning May 1, 2022. We have postponed increasing our cost as long as we could as we understand that the price point of the Field Guard is often the one area where we receive the most criticism. However, we have not raised our prices over five years and have seen all of our suppliers increase their pricing in the last six months. While the rising cost to produce the Field Guard is the primary driving force behind the increase, we want our community to know that the increased pricing is also expected to facilitate improvements to our product, expansion of our community, and development of new product offerings.

Specifically, for those that are following us regularly, we recently announced new hybrid sizes. There was great thought put into this product improvement and this is just one of other improvements to the Field Guard that we have planned for the end of 2022/beginning of 2023. 

Our fantastic community of product ambassadors, veterinarians, and customers have done an incredible job of promoting our Field Guard. Starting from just word of mouth referrals on the hiking trails of Northern California, we are now shipping to multiple countries worldwide. We couldn't do this without our customers, the love they have for their pets, and the empathy they share to not see a dog and/or their owner go through the heartache caused by the removal of a foxtail or other foreign object that has embedded itself in their pet's body. So, in addition to product improvements, we intend to further our mission to eliminate surgeries due to foxtails by growing our footprint and pushing further into new markets. 

While we truly believe the Field Guard is a revolutionary product in the prevention of surgeries caused by foxtails, we recognize that it is only designed and intended to protect a dog's mouth, ears, nose and eyes from these pesky seeds. As many have found out the hard way, foxtails are invasive to the body and, in particular, the paws and pads of our furry four-legged friends. So, while we are not trying to envelope pets across the country in a vinyl-mesh uniform (it's ok, you can laugh at the visual of your dog in a mesh jumper), we intend to research and produce products for other parts of your pet that serve the purpose of outfoxing foxtails while being lightweight, comfortable, and functional. 

The new price for the Field Guard will be $49.99. We'd like to again thank you for all of your support, we really couldn't do this without a community that believes in the essentialness of this product. 


Anna and David (and the rest of the OutFox Family)