Comfort Guide

Comfort engineered into the Field Guard is why it easily accepted by most dogs that try it.  

The instructions below show you how to make the 4 important, yet simple, adjustments to the Field Guard. These adjustments will help you to create the most comfortable fit for your dog to so he can successfully and easily adapt to the Field Guard.  

Putting on the Field Guard

  1. Before putting the Field Guard on your dog, cinch the elastic opening to about the size of your dog's upper neck.
  2. Throw a treat in the Field Guard.
  3. Place the Field Guard close to the ground with opening parallel to the ground.
  4. S t r e t c h the opening as far open as possible. *This is the important part, do not pull the Field Guard over his head.
  5. Hold the opening parallel to the ground, under your dogs head.
  6. He will put his head down into it, to get the treat.
  7. Let the opening gently close around his neck, just behind the ears.

Field Guard Position

The position of the Field Guard on your dog is very important in creating a proper fit that ensures comfort.

A common mistake people make is pulling the Field Guard back too far down the neck (right photo above).  This position irritates the dog’s nose and does not allow room to pant.

When the Field Guard is positioned correctly (left photo above), it should "cup" the back of the ears, and tip downward.  There will be space below the dog's chin that should allow your dog to pant unencumbered.

Space between the dog's nose and the end of the Field Guard should be 2″-3″ for medium and large dogs, and 1″-1½″ for small dogs.

Field Guard Straps

The straps are designed to tether the Field Guard to the dog’s collar. Leave some slack in the straps so when the dog puts his head down, the Field Guard does not get pulled out of position.

For your dog’s safety, the straps are designed to release if the Field Guard becomes caught on something so the dog will not become entangled.

Gather adjustment

Dogs with ears that stand up generally don’t have a problem with the Field Guard. It is designed to have a generous amount of space around the dogs head and the mesh is flexible but not stiff or soft. The Field Guard is light-weight and won’t be tight on their ears, but the ears will naturally fold down on their own. Their ears fold down the same as when they duck under a fence or go through a low dog door.