Elastic Breakage Mystery

So you recently bought your Field Guard and the elastic breaks after just a few wearings…

This problem with the elastic is very rare. In the over 28,000 Field Guards we’ve sold, only 36 have broken like this. (4.30.21)

In every one of the Field Guards with broken elastic there has been a small telltale hole at the bottom edge of the neck opening at the throat. The elastic always breaks about in half. It usually happens within a few weeks of using the new Field Guard.

We are confident this is not a manufacturing defect and believe we have discovered the cause.

The first time this happened we told the sewing factory about it and they checked their entire process for any problems. We changed to a different elastic supplier and the factory always checks all elastic before inserting it and discards any that looks like it is poor quality.

On top of the factory’s quality check, we also personally, double check every single Field Guard we ship. Our check includes; testing the elastic to make sure it is strong and doesn’t break, that knots at the ends are strong and large enough not to pull through the cord-lock, and that there are no holes in the mesh. We are confident in saying that our quality is exceptional.

Back to the mystery….Even after all this preventive work, the breakage still happened exactly the same way.

The cause of the elastic breakage was a mystery, until by chance, while hiking with a customer, the elastic on the dog’s Field Guard broke. And there was that little hole! in the bottom edge of the neck opening. Just like all the others. He said it wasn’t there when we started the hike. So it seems that the Field Guard had been put over the dog’s new collar, at the dog’s throat and gotten cut by a part on the dog’s collar or tags.

Since then another customer found that the small ring that attaches the dog tags to the collar got caught in the edge of the Field Guard and had somehow had also hooked into the elastic.

So you can prevent elastic breakage by making sure the dog’s collar and tags are not under the Field Guard at the throat.

If for any reason, the elastic breaks, gets chewed on, or just comes out of the Field Guard we will repair it for you at no charge. Just email hello@outfoxfordogs.com for Repair Order number. Then send the Field Guard to OutFox, we will repair and send it back the same day we receive it from you.  We request that you provide a postage paid envelope for returning your repaired Field Guard.