Custom Tiny Field Guard

For Dogs Under 9 lbs

As you can see in the image, the design of a custom Field Guard for a tiny dog is very different from the regular Field Guard. Also note, the neck opening is a soft knit band instead of elastic cord.

The cost of the custom Field Guard is $61 plus tax and shipping. This extra cost covers the pattern drafting and non-production sewing cost that the sewing factory charges us. Keeping dogs protected from foxtails, scavenging, and insects is important to me, so I do all I can to keep costs down.

Start your Custom Field Guard

Please Email the following information to This will start the custom Field Guard process.


    Name and Breed
    Head Circumference (a)
    Head Length (b)
    Neck Length (c)
    Neck Circumference
    Photos (e)

IMPORTANT: Be as accurate as possible. The custom Field Guard size is based completely on the measurements you provide.

(a) Head Circumference - measurement is taken at the largest point and taken on the outside of the fur, not pressed against the head. Reference red line below. The first image below, shows how loosely, to place the tape measure.

(b) Head Length - taken from the base of skull straight over head to end of nose, not including the neck. Reference the blue line in the image below.

(c) Neck Length - from base of skull to bottom edge of collar. Reference turquoise line in image below.

(d) Neck Circumference - base of neck where loose collar naturally lies. Reference dashed purple line in image.

(e) Photos of your dog - front, top, and side views to get a good sense of their head shape, fur, etc.

Complete Custom Field Guard order

When the Field Guard is finished and ready to ship, you will be invoiced via email, payable online via credit card. Your custom Field Guard will be shipped as soon as the invoice is paid.

Please Note: Custom Field Guards are not returnable unless defective. They may be adjusted to correct fit, once.

Email if you have any questions